Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Creative & Pretty Storage Solutions

January is organizing month, so let us continue with that theme on the blog here.
As I mentioned in my previous post, organizing begins with smart storage.  It also begins with creative storage, which is what this post is all about.  All of the ideas I'm about to show you, I simply love.  Unconventional things were used to produce an organizing system and pretty display in the office and bath.  Very pretty, I might add.  For instance, vintage milk glass, one of my favourite things to collect, keep office supplies at bay on this blue tray:
No more fishing for a pen, or craming drawers with loose supplies, and did you notice the candies too?
Inside the desk, more milk glass holds sewing supplies:
Everything is easy to find, and just darn pretty.
What about those egg cups? Did you ever think they could be used for anything more than eggs? Egg cups also make great office supply storage to corral little things, like paper clips and stamps:
If you really want to get those creative juices flowing, pick up a few empty tin cans, and pretty scrapbook paper, and make your own storage system for school supplies:

Finish them off with labels.  Take this idea to the bathroom too for storing cotton balls and Q-tips:

It gives your little vignette some fresh colour and interest.
Lastly, loaf pans are super cute when they are repurposed into a makeup storage kit: 

Ain't that adorable!?
Look around you.  How can something be used somewhere else to create a super organized and pretty storage display?
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  1. These ideas are indeed creative. The milk glass is very lovely.

    1. I'm glad you think so Beth :) Thank you for the comment.


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