Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fun & Simple Crafts for Valentine's

Can you believe it? January is more than halfway over.  Many of us - moms, crafters, bloggers, and the like - are pulling out the craft supplies once again in preparation for Valentine's Day parties and gifts.
Valentine's Day crafts can be fun, inexpensive, and simple to make.  That's what I provided you with here - ideas for Valentine's Day crafts that you can do to make the day even more special, without breaking the bank:
  Simple paper heart bookmark:                              Pipecleaner hearts garland:
    Source.                                                                                          Source.
Votives wrapped with pretty papers and ribbons:

         Paper covered vase:                                         Heart doilies (instructions here):
      Source.                                                                                             Source.
Traditional heart bookmarks:
Stamped candy bags:
Heart candy frames (all it takes is hot glue):
Hopefully, I inspired you today.


  1. Very good ideas. Thank you for making this post.

  2. Those candy bags are super sweet! You have a lovely blog.

    1. Aren't they super darling? Who would have thought one stamp could totally transform them into something so sweet.

      Thanks for the compliment too :)


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